Need a spiritual pick-me-up? These spiritual affirmations support you in acknowledging your divine nature. When incorporated into a daily spiritual practice, they help you develop your spiritual muscles and stand in the awareness of the Truth of your Being. Affirmations can help you to replace negative thought patterns with positive ones. As you work with them regularly, they can help you shift your thinking and, ultimately, your understanding.


50 Positive Spiritual Affirmations to Support Your Spiritual Growth


What seeds are you planting when it comes to your spiritual growth and development? The old adage that we are what we think is true. If you don’t like what you’re experiencing in your life, it’s time to start shifting your thinking!

You can’t just repeat spiritual affirmations mindlessly and hope to create change in your experience. Affirmations are really most helpful if you’re clear on what you’re affirming and why the statements you’re repeating are true. The nature of your Being is whole, perfect and complete. When you’re using affirmations from that perspective, you’re recognizing that wholeness, perfection, and completeness are the spiritual facts of you. You’re acknowledging what’s true now, not something that will become true if you repeat nice-sounding words enough times.

Pay attention if there’s any resistance coming up. If so, see if you can explore what’s behind it. It’s likely that something is being presented to you for healing. Continue to acknowledge that there’s only one Mind, and that you are that Mind giving perfect evidence of Itself. You are that Mind knowing Itself.

Here are 50 of my favorite spiritual affirmations – enjoy!
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Spiritual Affirmations to Anchor You in the Truth of Your Being

Spiritual Affirmation: The entirety of creation is now conspiring for my good

  • The entirety of creation is now conspiring for my good.
  • I open the doors to my good and claim my Divine inheritance.
  • As I abide in love for all of creation, all of creation abides in love for me.
  • Today, as God opens the windows of heaven and pours me out a blessing, I make room to receive it.
  • Infinite Love flows through me, in me, as me.
  • I open my mind and heart to the perfect love of God.
  • Now is the time for my good.
  • I know that my light shines because the Divine Light within me is always shining brightly.
  • Spirit is now guiding my steps and all is unfolding for my good.
  • I am Divinely led, guided and inspired in all I think, do and say.
  • I create the perfect plan for my life by choosing the perfect thoughts.
  • Everything I seek is now seeking me.
  • I love with the perfect Love of God. I see with the perfect eyes of God. I am peaceful with the perfect Peace of God.
  • I am a perfect, open channel for divine Peace, divine Love, divine Abundance, and divine Inspiration.
  • The secrets of eternity are now revealed to me.
  • My every experience is filled with joy.
  • I am sheltered by the mercy of Spirit.
  • I delight in the grace of God.
  • I abide in the perfect Wholeness of creation.
  • I am anchored in love. I am buoyed by love. The wings of love lift me into perfect communion with all life everywhere.
  • Everywhere I go, everything I see, everything I experience provides visible proof that I am supported and sustained by the entirety of creation.
  • Good dominates my every experience.
  • In every moment, I am inspired to perfect action. In every moment, I know exactly what to do and how to do it.
  • I excel at the perfect living of Life.
  • God within me is mighty, powerful and unstoppable.
  • I am now enveloped by the Divine, embraced and cherished, nurtured and protected.
  • The Spirit of God within knows the perfect “how” to every need and desire. Therefore, all my needs are met.
  • Every cell in my body is now functioning in perfect Divine order.
  • God is the living, breathing Spirit of me. I am now whole, perfect and complete in every way.
  • I put my life in the hands of Infinite Love and Divine Wisdom.
  • I am a magnet for the unlimited good of God and I attract it effortlessly and easily.
  • I gratefully accept the allness of my good.
  • I am now attracting everything I need, effortlessly and easily.
  • I am perfectly blessed and I am a perfect blessing for the world.


Favorite Florence Scovel Shinn Affirmations

  • Spiritual Affirmation: Everything I seek is now seeking meGod is my unfailing supply.
  • Every plan my Father in heaven has not planned shall be dissolved and dissipated, and the Divine Idea now comes to pass.
  • I now smash and demolish (by my spoken word) every untrue record in my subconscious mind. They shall return to the dust-heap of their native nothingness, for they came from my own vain imaginings. I now make my perfect records through the Christ within – the records of Health, Wealth, Love and perfect self-Expression.
  • There is a supply for every demand.
  • Every man is a golden link in the chain of my good.
  • Thy will be done this day! Today is a day of completion; I give thanks for this perfect day; miracle shall follow miracle and wonders shall never cease.


Favorite Catherine Ponder Affirmations

  • Nothing is too good to be true. Nothing is too wonderful to happen. Nothing is too good to last.
  • All that is mine by divine right now comes to me speedily, richly, freely. I am receiving now.
  • It is finished. It is done. I give thanks that I have received, and that my good appears in rich appropriate form under divine timing.
  • I let go of everything and everybody that is no longer a part of the divine plan of my life. I now expand quickly into the divine plan of my life where all conditions are permanently perfect.
  • I now move forward into my expanded good divinely directed and lavishly prospered. All things conform to the right thing for me now quickly and in peace.
  • God is so good, life is so wonderful, and I am so richly blessed.
  • Today and every day I expect the best. Wonderful things are happening to me now. Everything I do turns into good for myself and others.
  • No person, thing or event can keep from me that which the universe has for me now. All that has been done against me now helps me.
  • I grow along with my good. I flow along with my good.
  • The work of my hands and the plans of my life are now moving quickly toward a sure and perfect fulfillment. I anticipate the good. In God’s right action, I now place my full trust. This is a time of divine completion. I now harvest my good as miracles follow miracles, and wonders never cease.

Mix and match any of these affirmations as you feel called to. Feel free to modify and make them your own.

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