I’ve received a number of questions over the past several days regarding my spiritual perspective on coronavirus and everything that appears to be associated with it, so I thought I would share.

In my last video, I explored the idea that your world is constantly giving you evidence of your beliefs about it. Let’s think through what that means in light of current world events.

A Spiritual Perspective on Coronavirus


What Is Coming Up For Evaluation From a Spiritual Perspective

At a macro level, there are three major beliefs that I’m sensing are coming up for evaluation from a spiritual perspective as we navigate coronavirus and everything that appears to be associated with it at this time:

  • There’s clearly some level of belief that Life (a synonym for God) is frail, weak, limited, and subject to destruction.
  • There’s also a belief that God is less than All, is neither omnipotent nor omnipresent, and that there’s something “out there” opposed to God/Life and maybe even winning the battle.
  • Also lurking is a belief that we somehow exist separate and apart from God (please note that I just call It God because that’s easiest for me; feel free to swap in Spirit, the Universe, Source, Infinity, or whatever works best for you)


What I Mean When I Use the Term God

And just to be clear, when I use the word God I’m not talking about an anthropomorphic deity who sits in the sky like some cosmic Santa Claus deciding who’s good or bad, worthy or unworthy of his blessings. It’s definitely not a capricious deity like Zeus sitting up on Mount Olympus.

When I use the word God, I’m talking about

  • Being Itself;
  • The infinitude of consciousness;
  • The allness of capital G Good;
  • The omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, omniactive source and substance of all there is, that is continually giving evidence of Itself as the entirety of what we call creation.

When the Bible talks about man being made in God’s image and likeness, what Mary Baker Eddy called reflection, I understand that to mean that man – the manifestation of this infinite Mind that is God – reflects all that God is. Therefore, man must be Whole, Perfect, Complete just as God is Whole, Perfect, Complete. The infinitude of Being that is God constitutes all that there is to you, me, and everyone and everything in our world. And that means that what is true about God is true about God’s image and likeness, and that means you and me!

So if I’m operating with a conscious or unconscious belief that life is somehow limited, frail, weak, or I’ve got beliefs and opinions about exactly how my experience of life needs to look, that means I’m living my divinity – the infinite, divine nature of my Being – as limited. I’ve put Infinity in a box. And, I think it’s pretty clear that when we try to contain the uncontainable within our beliefs and opinions about what It should look like, what we call chaos ensues.


How Does All of That Relate to Coronavirus?

And that’s exactly what’s going on with coronavirus these days. While the picture of the world today seems especially chaotic and uncertain, what’s really going on is that we’re getting continual, real-time feedback about our perceptions of God and man. I like to think of it as our own not-so-subtle wake-up call to the self-imposed limitations we’re placing on ourselves and everything in our world. As in, “it’s time to wake up to the Truth of who you really are.” And that’s always the gift that’s waiting to be unwrapped in what folks typically call problems.

What’s being asked of each one of us at this time is to have a look at how we’ve individually and collectively been putting Infinity in a box, and to revisit those self-imposed limitations because they’re not the Truth of who you are. It’s definitely not a time to put our heads in the sand and pretend that there’s no problem, believing that if we don’t look at it or think about it that it will go away because we aren’t putting any “energy” on it. It’s also not a time to look outward and point fingers at the government, other countries, the virus, the corporate world, Wall Street, or whomever else you might want to blame for the current situation.

You’ll never find the answer to whatever seems to ail you “out there.” The only place you can ever look to get at the root of your problems – whether coronavirus, the economy, or anything else – is to look within. And this doesn’t mean looking within as some sort of navel gazing exercise. It’s an active exploration of where and how you’ve put Infinity in a box and taking the necessary steps to set it free, so to speak, within your own awareness.


Where and How Are You Putting Infinity in a Box?

Are you believing your divine Self to be limited to the physical form that you believe to be your body? If so, you’re limiting your Wholeness. Same thing if you’re thinking that coronavirus – or any other germ, for that matter – is separate and apart from your Wholeness or could, in any way, subtract from your Wholeness.

Do you believe that this virus, or anything/anyone else for that matter – government, family, your boss, etc., can assert itself in your experience? If so, you’ve given away your God-given dominion.

At some level, each one of us has invited coronavirus into our world to help shake things up, to serve as a catalyst to help us reclaim what is ours by divine right. It’s not, by any means, an uninvited guest crashing our party! Because the divinity of you won’t let you continue to believe the lie that you’re limited in any way. Meaning you’re stuff, whatever shape or form it takes, is always going to come up for you take a look at!


Let’s Not Waste a Good Crisis!

Every time you allow anything that appears to be going on in the world around you to inform your perception of the spiritual Fact your divine nature, you’re giving up your dominion. And we’re each being asked to reclaim that dominion. How that looks will be different for each of us, because we’ve each put Infinity in a box in our own unique way.

Whenever you notice yourself feeling anxious, worried, or fearful about the rapid pace of change in our world, that should be your indicator that you’ve put Infinity in a box, that you’ve given up your God-given dominion to circumstances and events you believe exist outside of you. And that’s when it’s time to begin exploring exactly how you’ve done that and what you need to do to set It free in your conscious awareness. We can each take dominion at any moment over how we choose to respond, what we acknowledge as Truth, how we choose to act,, what we choose to say (or not say). In that taking dominion moment-by-moment, you start to identify what one of my teachers calls the ground of Being, the divinity of you.

The things that trigger you to fear, anger, and anxiety when you watch or read the news present an opportunity to anchor yourself in the spiritual Facts – that God is All, there is no thing outside of Its infinitude, It is the Allness of Good, the omnipresence of Life, Truth, and Love. And, therefore, in addition to being whole, perfect, and complete, It must be harmonious, incorruptible, indestructible, and inviolable. All that is true of God is true of you. And it’s also true of everything in your world. The only thing being asked of you at this (or any) time is to consciously acknowledge that Fact.


Photo Credit: CDC/ Alissa Eckert, MS; Dan Higgins, MAM

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