Abundance Prayer

Affirmative prayer for abundance

Transcript of Abundance Prayer

How good it is to breathe in the breath of Life that is the very breath of God, knowing that there is only One - one Life, one Power, one Infinite, eternal Presence that is the Source and Substance of all life everywhere. It goes by many names and I choose to call it God, for God is the All in All. It is the Alpha and the Omega. It is every beginning without end. It is continually expanding into more and more of Itself. It is the infinite substance from which all things are made. It is the entirety of creation, seen and unseen. It is the unconditional love that permeates all of creation; It is the Infinite Intelligence that creates worlds by simply saying “Be” and it is. It is the perfect, Divine Harmony that keeps planets spinning on their axes, that keeps the earth spinning around the sun and the moon spinning around the earth; that keeps the tides in perfect balance with the phases of the moon. It is all these things and so much more.

And I am one with this Presence. It is the allness and wholeness of my very being, for right where I am, God is. The very ground on which I stand is holy, for I am one with the One; a beloved of the Beloved; and I live and move and have my being in pure Spirit. And it is in this conscious awareness of God as the only thing happening anytime, anywhere, and of my perfect at-one-ment with this infinite Spirit that I speak my word, declaring, claiming and accepting good, good and more good in every aspect of my life. Right here and right now, I know and I know that I know, that I am an irresistible magnet for my good. Knowing that all those whom I can help and all those who can help me are now drawn to me with effortless ease and under grace in perfectly perfect ways. Right here and right now, I declare, claim and accept for myself God’s best and highest vision for my abundance and prosperity, in all of their perfect forms. Knowing that I have more than enough, that all things flow to me effortlessly and easily, that I can always do what I want, when I want to do it because I am perfectly and abundantly supplied. I now have the perfect supply of income and cash flow; I now have the perfect supply of joy and harmony and peace. I am blessed to overflowing. I am now making room in consciousness to receive every perfect blessing that God has in store for me for this day.

I give great thanks for the perfection of this day that is already known in the Mind of God, knowing that it is now unfolding with ease and under grace. I give great thanks for the continual flow of abundance, prosperity, joy, harmony and peace in every part of my experience of life. I give great thanks for every perfect channel of my abundance, knowing that each one is now open and flowing freely. I give great thanks for my perfect willingness to receive the fullness of God’s best and highest vision for my life, knowing that God’s vision is infinitely better than anything my human mind can conceive of. I give great thanks for all of this and for so much more. And I release this word to the perfect action and activity of Divine Law, knowing that it was done before it was spoken. I simply take my human hands off, I let go, and let God. And so it is. Amen.

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