Gratitude and Grace: Facebook

We don't just browse, click, chat, game, we invent, we design, we create, we build, we share.

Technology Use by Denise Krebs is licensed under CC BY 2.0

I used to look at Facebook with disdain. When I first signed up several years ago, there was too much focus on the minutiae of people’s lives and seemingly endless updates on Farmville and other games folks were playing. Candidly, I wasn’t particularly interested and so I essentially boycotted Facebook for years, only logging on once in a very blue moon to alleviate boredom. And recently I decided to give it another shot. I’ve been logging in almost daily for the past few weeks with the conscious intention to be more active and see what came of it. And it’s been a MUCH different experience. I’m much more appreciative of the ability to connect with both friends and strangers in meaningful ways – to offer prayers and positivity to folks asking for it, to find the pictures and videos that have me grinning from ear to ear. I am grateful for the ability to connect with people and share ideas and happenings from half a world away with the simple click of a button. Just this morning, two Facebook friends – one a high school classmate, the other a member of my spiritual community – shared videos that left me smiling and laughing, and in awe and amazement, respectively. And as I reflected on those videos and the responses they evoked within me, I was deeply grateful for the content, those who shared it, and the circuitous routes they took to make it to my feed.

As humans, we crave deep connection. And while Facebook certainly has its share of the superficial, it has also created the opportunity for deeper, more meaningful connection if we only take the time and make the effort. And for that, I abide in gratitude.


Today I recognize the opportunities to revisit my judgments, to look at the world through a new lens, and to find the gifts that everything has to offer, with a deep awareness that rose-colored glasses help make the world look that much more beautiful.


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