Gratitude and Grace: The Little Things


Seraphina (photo by Sumaiya Wood)

SeraphinaMy husband has been sick over the past few days – nothing serious, just a bit of a cold. So I’ve been taking care of him with lots of hot tea and nourishing foods, letting him stay in bed and rest so his body can heal. And it’s been reminding me of what an amazing caretaker he was for me when I was sick. When I think back to all the things he did – from driving all over the city to get food for me when absolutely nothing tasted good (and I wasn’t able to keep much of it down anyways), to being at my beck and call whenever I needed anything because I didn’t have the energy to move (due to severe anemia, I later learned), to taking me to various doctors, and so much more – I am so very grateful to him and appreciative of the wonderful care he took of me.

It’s often so easy to take things, and people, for granted. We’re so used to people being there for us. We take for granted our good health and don’t fully appreciate and care for our bodies. We forget to appreciate the little things that make up the core of our life experience. So today I am grateful for all of those “little” things. I am grateful for my amazing husband, and for all of the wonderful ways he takes care of me. I am grateful for the opportunity to nurture him and help him heal. I am grateful for Seraphina, one of our cats, who would snuggle with me more than usual when I was sick, as she is now snuggling with my husband – she’s a little healing angel, disguised as an adorable kitty. I am grateful for nourishing and healing foods that provide the nutrition that our bodies need in order to repair. I am grateful for the ways in which my body is manifesting and demonstrating the healing that is continuing to take place. I am grateful for all of this and for so much more.

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