Gratitude and Grace: The Power of Yes

One of the things I’ve been noticing as I’ve spent more time on Facebook lately is the number of people who devote energy to the things they don’t like. That energy becomes a beacon attracting more of the same into their experience as it’s the expenditure of energy, not the “no” to what they’re focused on, that creative law responds to.

The power of yes is magnificent. I know that everything in my experience is something I’ve said “yes” to in some way, shape or form, consciously or unconsciously, by actually saying yes or even by saying no. It’s the energy directed by my attention that matters, not the “yes” or the “no” that’s associated with it. I am grateful to remember that everything in my experience is completely aligned with what I’ve said yes to, consciously or unconsciously, by pushing against or openly embracing. I abide in gratitude for the knowing that if I don’t like what I see or experience, I simply need to tweak my yes. The power of yes puts me in the driver’s seat, it allows me to consciously evolve my experience.


So I simply say yes to Life. I say yes to wholeness and vitality in my physical body. I say yes to perfect harmony in all of my relationships. I say yes to expansive joy. I say yes to Infinite Intelligence guiding, guarding and directing me on my perfect path. I say yes to perfect peace and overflowing prosperity. I say yes to enlightened leadership anchored in Love. I say yes to businesses and corporations that are a positive presence on the planet. I simply abide in the power of yes to make all things new, and for that I am so very grateful, for I know that as I stand confidently in this yes that the entirety of creation cannot help but respond with an even bigger YES than my own.

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