Gratitude and Grace: This Moment

I abide in gratitude for this moment. I am grateful that the kingdom of heaven is not only at hand, it is within. I am grateful that in this now moment, and in every moment of the eternal now, that I can choose to be a beacon of and for Love, of and for Peace, of and for Harmony, of and for Joy. I know the perfection of this moment and have a deep awareness that all is well; I know that in this particular moment there is nothing to fear, nothing to worry about. I recognize that in the perfect stillness of this moment I am whole and complete.

In this now moment, I am aware of the perfect inflow and the outflow of the vitalizing breath of life that is now breathing me. I am grateful for the Divine heart that is beating as my heart and causing blood to course through my arteries, veins and capillaries; for the imperceptible moment-by-moment growth of my hair; for the perfect divine pattern of every organ, system, action and function that is now being revealed in my physical body; for the expansive vitality that flows through and as me, revealing more and more of my wholeness; for the movement of radiant love that is now flowing through and as me from all of creation, and from me back out to the entirety of creation in one perfect, energetic flow. I am grateful for the Peace that passes all human understanding that is now at work in my life; for the shimmering light of awareness and recognition that all is well; for the clarity and conviction of these insights; for the grace of God that flows through my life in every moment; for the unconditional love that anchors my existence. I abide in gratitude for this moment.

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