This affirmative prayer for healing is written and recorded in the first person so that you can make it your own as you read and listen to it. It is my intention that as you use this healing prayer, you experience a conscious recognition and awareness of your perfect wholeness.


Transcript of Healing Prayer

"If you put your soul against this oar with me, the power that made the Universe wil enter your sinew from a source not outside of your limbs, but from a holy realm that lives within us." ~RumiHow good it is to practice the Presence, knowing that there is only One – one Life, one Power, one infinite, eternal Presence that is the Source and Substance of all life everywhere. It is the Allness and Wholeness of all that is. It is the Infinite Intelligence that creates worlds by simply saying “Be” and it is. It is the unconditional Love that is the very foundation of creation. It is the divine spark that ignites the entirety of creation. It is the one-celled amoeba and It is the blue whale. It is the dolphin frolicking in the ocean. It is every star in the night sky and It is every space in between. It is the honey bee and it is the blooming rose. It is the omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent activity that permeates all things, seen and unseen. It is all these things and It is so much more.

And I am one with this presence. It is the Allness and Wholeness of all that I am. Right where I am, God is. It is the all-activity of my life and the all-activity of my physical body. The Intelligence that creates worlds as easily as a grain of sand is the same Intelligence that dwells within every organ, system, action and function of my physical body. It is the perfect Intelligence and divine harmony of every strand of DNA, of every mitochondria. I know that in the field of infinite possibilities there now exists the perfect possibility for my physical body. That perfect possibility is whole and complete. So right here and right now, I declare, I claim and I accept that there is a perfect healing going on. This prayer is an affirmation that my wholeness is already complete in the Mind of God; it is already done. I simply allow that healing, that wholeness to be revealed as the all activity of every cell of my physical body.

I know that the activity of God is more powerful than any physician, more powerful than any diagnosis, more powerful than any appearance that would seem to contradict the perfect pattern of Divine Wholeness operating through and as me. No thing can block the activity of Spirit, so I know that Spirit has already gone ahead before me and cleared the path for my wholeness to be revealed. I claim and accept that this path is easeful and Grace-filled. That Power and Presence is now at work, healing every cell in my body and revealing my perfect pattern of wholeness that has existed since before the beginning of time. Right now, the healing balm of unconditional Love is at work, transmuting and transforming every appearance of imperfection into perfect wholeness. I now accept the perfect pattern of wholeness of my physical body, knowing that every cell of my body is now responding to this Word and revealing that perfect pattern. Divine vitality is the order of the day. I am vital and alive in Spirit. Every cell of my body is now vibrating with perfect Love, operating in perfect Peace and Harmony with every other cell. More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of, so I know that these words, that this prayer, now bring forth my perfect healing and reveal the Divinely perfect pattern of my wholeness.

I give great thanks for the perfect healing, wholeness and vitality of my physical body that is, even now, manifesting with ease and grace. I give great thanks for perfect action and activity of every organ, system, action, and function of my physical body. I give great thanks that God’s best and highest vision for the perfect wholeness of my physical body is now being revealed through and as every cell of my body. I give great thanks for my perfect willingness to demonstrate God’s best and highest vision for the perfect pattern of wholeness of my physical body. I give great thanks for all of this and for so much more. And I release this word to the perfect action and activity of Divine Law, knowing that it was done before it was spoken. I simply take my human hands off, I let go, and let God. And so it is. Amen.

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