Growing up, I was surrounded by folks with some very strong opinions about pretty much everything. I assumed it was natural, and even used to joke about how opinionated I was.

As I’ve explored metaphysics over the past twenty-five plus years, I’ve come to realize the extent to which my beliefs, opinions, and assumptions frame my perception of the world around me and keep me limited and stuck.

A Metaphysical Exploration of (My) Donald Trump

I’ve written previously about how triggered I was during the summer and fall of 2015 following Donald Trump’s entrance into the U.S. Presidential election cycle. I continued to be triggered (okay, often REALLY triggered) in the years since.

My initial desire was to pass the metaphysical buck, so to speak. It was easy to point fingers. His behavior was so far out of the norm of anything we had ever seen in American politics. Plus doing so meant that I didn’t have to do the work of looking at any of my beliefs, opinions, and perceptions that were the real source of my being triggered in the first place. That would have required more work. I’m not sure I was even ready to give up some of those beliefs and opinions that were closely tied to my sense of self. So I initially took the easy path.


Problems Are Really An Opportunity (No, Really!)

Problems occur when my perceptions of me bump up against the Reality of Me. Those perceptions are always framed by my beliefs, opinions, and assumptions.

The only place I experience anyone or anything, including (my) Donald Trump, is in consciousness. That experience always takes place through the filters of the beliefs, opinions, and perceptions I have about him and the world around me, and my definition of what good should look like.

This is why there are so many varied perceptions of Donald Trump. Each person’s perception — and thus experience — of him is based the beliefs, opinions, and assumptions they’re holding about him, what they believe is going right or wrong in the U.S., their definition of good, and their sense of identity, among other things. That’s why I refer to him as (my) Donald Trump. It’s my way of acknowledging 100% responsibility for the beliefs, opinions, and assumptions that frame my unique perception, and associated experiences, of him.


Tears of (Unacknowledged) Joy?

On election night in 2016 I actually cried! I was depressed for several days after the results came in. For clarification, I was no fan of Clinton, and did not vote for either her or Trump, so this wasn’t politically-oriented as it was for other folks who had similar reactions.

It was more of a mourning for America. I felt like the America I knew and loved was somehow dying after all of the divisiveness I had seen during the campaign, and (my) Donald always seemed to be at the center of that chaos. I was stuck in duality, with a limited view of how the Allness of God/Good should look. I was, unconsciously, limiting how I thought Infinity should unfold based on my definition of good.


My Duality Alert System Was Flashing Red!

The limited thinking associated with my beliefs, opinions, and perceptions about anything results in a limited experience of Life, otherwise known as problems.

Problems are, in essence, a Duality Alert System that let us know we’re believing something other than Good is unfolding in our experience, and they present an opportunity for new insights and understanding, if we’re willing to explore. I’ve come to realize that my beliefs, opinions, and perceptions were ultimately behind my experience of Donald Trump as a problem in my world.

As I came back to my Self (which has been an ongoing process as far as my Donald is concerned), I recognized and acknowledged that none of how I’m experiencing anything related to (my) Donald has anything to do with him. He’s merely the instrument that is helping me recognize the duality-based beliefs, opinions, and perceptions that are shaping – and limiting – my experience of the world around me.

It is all, ultimately, tied to my sense of Self, my beliefs about who I am. Am I limited, material being — a personality — with a the limited view of myself that has placed a mask on my divine nature? Or am I acknowledging (and consciously living) the fullness of (my) Being, my infinite, divine nature. Anytime I think I’ve got a problem in my world, I can be sure that it’s the former.

(NOTE: Please check out my primer on spiritual healing for clarification on how I’m using some of the terms I use here if you have any questions.)


You Get What You Need

You can’t always get what you want
But if you try sometimes you just might find
You get what you need.

~Mick Jagger

The Rolling Stones’ You Can’t Always Get What You Want was always a favorite while I was growing up. I used to laugh to myself when I would hear this classic song play at Donald Trump rallies prior to the 2016 election.

I’d think “doesn’t he realize what he’s saying with that song?!?” It’s now 100% clear that Being being Itself being – individually expressed as (my) Donald – understood exactly.

Love always supplies the human need. That said, the human need isn’t always what we expect or think it is when we’re stuck in limited thinking. (My) Donald Trump had to show up in my world exactly as he did in order for me to look at all of the ways my beliefs, opinions, and perceptions about government, politics, the Constitution, the U.S. and its role in the world, trade, and a whole host of other topics were, in fact, limiting me.

Looking back, it’s so patently obvious that I’m surprised the understanding took as long as it did to come into my conscious awareness. Clearly I was more than a little resistant! I was unconsciously focused on holding on to a limited sense of self. In the end I realize that’s because I really just wanted to be right and to make (my) Donald wrong.

So Love was providing me with a little HUGE nudge to snap me out of that self-induced sense of limitation.


Clarity of Vision

Without vision, the people perish. (Proverbs 29:18)

Vision is the unadulterated seeing (i.e., insight, understanding) of Reality. It cannot be impaired when I’m consciously being my Self, acknowledging and living the divinity of (my) Being. Without understanding – the insights gleaned as I live consciously Self-aware of the Allness and Onlyness of Good – the limited sense of my self is left to flounder in the paradox of Infinity.

Soon after the 2016 election I had a fascinating dream that I shared with my friend Michael Long on his radio show the day before the inauguration.


The insight from that dream – that there was a giant gift in all of this somehow – helped snap me out of my depression about the picture. I began to acknowledge that the Allness of Good was the only thing happening, even if I couldn’t personally fathom how that could possibly be.


The Beginnings of a Shift

While I continued to have strong beliefs and opinions about much of what was going on in Washington (and continued to talk to the TV during the evening news – yeah, it gets like that sometimes!), I found that I was becoming less and less triggered as I did my metaphysical work to acknowledge that Good was the only possible happening, regardless of my opinions about the picture.

At some point last year – without my even mentioning the metaphysical perspective I had been exploring around all of this – when I would get annoyed at something I was seeing on the news and explain why, my husband would tell me “well, that’s just your opinion.” While that didn’t always go over well in the moment, it’s 100% clear that he was being a mirror for me, reflecting back everything I was exploring metaphysically.

As you do your own metaphysical exploration around this, or any subject for that matter, pay attention to whatever comes up in your world as an indicator of the work you are doing and see if any new insights emerge or any previous insights are further clarified. Even if it seems annoying at first. That’s a sure-fire sign there’s more to be explored!


The Metaphysics of (my) Donald Trump and “Trumpism”

I realized at some point last year that (my) Donald was in my world to “blow up” the beliefs, opinions, and perceptions of good that limited my view of Good. That was the value of having him in my world in the way he had been for the past few years.

In the past several weeks, my understanding of what, exactly, that means has expanded, and I realize that the value of (my) Donald has been immeasurable in helping me recognize the limited thinking I had unconsciously been stuck in, and explore and expand my sense of Self.

A series of questions and new insights recently poured forth from the withinness of my Being.  And it became clear that everything (my) Donald does and says is forcing me to revisit some deeply cherished beliefs, concepts, opinions, and perceptions that I had previously taken for granted. I clearly hadn’t considered just how much they kept me stuck in a limited, personal sense of self.


Your Identity Isn’t What You Think It Is

It’s abundantly clear that (my) Donald doesn’t care about what folks traditionally consider to be their identity – what it means to be American, to be “x” race, “y” ethnicity, “z” religion, “a” sexual orientation, “b” gender/gender identity, “c” socio-economic class, etc.

Those who are stuck in a personal sense of identity (of whatever flavor) are very triggered by this. I’ve realized that the opportunity here is to expand beyond this very limited sense of self that many are mired in.

The word identity means sameness. But most folks traditionally use it as a way to label all of the ways we appear to be different from one another. The seemingly greater emergence of so-called identity politics over the past few years has exacerbated the focus on these apparent differences. Or maybe it’s the other way around.

From a metaphysical perspective, all of those seeming differences are really just the variety of ways Infinity – which never repeats Itself (or It wouldn’t be infinite) – is coming to view as our experience of one Infinite Life. Being being Itself being as everyone and everything in the world that I walk through. And the Principle, or foundation, is always One, the same One. The divinity of you is the humanity of you and everyone in your world.

Beliefs, like women’s clothes sizes, are completely made up. When I’m living my Self unconsciously, it’s easy to get stuck in a dualistic, personal sense of self that’s tied to “lesser” identities. If I stay stuck there, I’m going to get a wake-up call to help snap me out of that belief. Donald Trump has been my wake-up call!


9 More Metaphysical Questions (my) Donald Trump is Having Me Explore

In addition to forcing a reevaluation of any limited sense of identity, (my) Donald is here to push me to look at any concepts of good that are limiting me to a dualistic view of Life.

Here are 9 additional metaphysical questions and insights that came up as I explored all of this:

  1. Where have I bought into the “fake news” that there’s anything outside of the Allness of Good?
  2. How and where am I being intolerant or hateful of any aspect of my Allness?
  3. What does it mean to be/not be “an American”?
  4. Can I have allies (NATO, traditional European allies, Canada) vs enemies (Russia, Iran, North Korea) if I’m consciously acknowledging there’s only One thing going on? Am I “loving my neighbor as my Self” if I’ve created a house divided against itself?
  5. Who or what am I living “out there,” creating victims and oppressors along the way? How am I allowing my limited thinking to create a sense of victimization and oppression in my experience?
  6. If I am really acknowledging and living the Allness of God/Good, then who/what am I seeking asylum from?
  7. Where are the walls of my limited thinking/limited self-concept shutting the door to a conscious recognition of the unfoldment of Good in my experience?
  8. What does it mean to live in a constitutional democracy? What is the metaphysical meaning of “Self-government” — the government of the people, for the people, by the people outlined in the U.S. Constitution? Am I living it?
  9. Has my acknowledgment of the Allness of Good, regardless of the picture, been unimpeachable?

As these questions and accompanying insights poured forth as my awareness, I felt resistance to the picture of (my) Donald shrink. I began to consciously acknowledge the value of experiencing him my world in exactly the way he has shown up.

He had to appear that way given the beliefs, opinions, and perceptions that limited my view of (and willingness to see) the perfection of Reality presencing. It was no longer simply an intellectual knowing; I am now the conscious awareness of this fact.

The more I resist giving up the concepts that (my) Donald is forcing me to look at, the more apparent destruction I experience in my world. As I said previously, (my) Donald is in my world to blow up my limited sense of self. Any duality-based concepts, beliefs, opinions, and assumptions need to be acknowledged as a false sense of Reality before I’m able to live consciously Self-aware of the Allness, Wholeness, Completeness, and Perfection of (my) Being. The more I metaphorically kick and scream in an effort to hold on to outmoded beliefs and concepts, the more painful the process. What we resist persists.


100% Responsibility

If I find myself triggered by and/or responding to the things (my) Donald says on television (yes, that still happens on occasion!), I know that I have work to do. It just means that I’ve got a dualistic point of view about something in my world that’s coming up for me to look at. Nothing more. It’s an opportunity for exploration. I don’t need to make up a story about it. There’s no need to beat myself up. It simply requires recognizing that there’s an underlying belief of more than One thing going on and that it’s time to consciously acknowledge the Allness and Onlyness of God/Good.

Taking 100% responsibility for your experience of the world you walk through rather than being a victim to something someone “out there” is doing to you is key to beginning to live consciously Self-aware. You grow every problem in your experience as a way to highlight any sense of limitation you’re holding on to and to expand your sense of possibility. Acknowledging your authority over your experience of Life allows you to be a conscious author of your experience of Good.

You are the only one responsible for the beliefs, opinions, and assumptions that frame your perceptions of your world. Which ones are you ready to explore at a deeper level?

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