Metaphysical Glossary

Divine Mind revealing Its infinitude
That which is beyond (meta) the physical (physics) – the fundamental nature of Reality.
The word person derives from the Latin persona, meaning an actor's mask or character in a play. When you think of yourself as “person” or “personality,” you limit your true nature.

Because of its origin, I like to use the term “personality” when I’m referring to that aspect of self that believes it is separate and apart from God/Good in order to emphasize that it really just is a character or mask with no basis in Reality and, therefore, not my true Self.
In Science & Health, Mary Baker Eddy referred to Man as God's reflection. I originally thought this meant mirror image, as in the "image and likeness" referred to in Genesis 1.

Then I came across this definition: "something that shows the effect, existence, or character of something." And suddenly it made so much more sense – Man, as divine reflection, demonstrates the existence and character of God/Mind.