For truly I say to you, if there is faith in you even as a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, move away from here, and it will move away; and nothing would prevail over you. ~Matthew 17:20For many years I heard the saying from the Bible that talked about the faith of the mustard seed. It was always discussed in the sense that all things were possible if one only had a very small amount of faith (according to Wikipedia, mustard seeds are typically between 1-2 millimeters in diameter). Despite this, holding on to even a small amount of faith continued to yield limited results for most folks. And they definitely weren’t moving mountains!

As I have contemplated this biblical saying, I’ve come to realize that mustard seed faith has nothing to do with the size of the mustard seed or needing only a small amount of faith. It has everything to do with the nature of the mustard seed.


Mustard Seed Faith Requires that You Know Your True Nature

The mustard seed knows its nature. It knows that it is never going to grow into an apple tree, a rose bush, or cactus. It knows with absolute certainty that its destiny is to grow into a mustard plant. The intelligence of the plant is contained within the seed – the seed contains 100% of the genetic material required for that plant to form. Therefore, the seed never thinks to doubt its nature or its destiny.

In human terms, everything needed to create your physical body was contained in the cell formed from the union of your dad’s sperm and your mom’s egg. Everything. Think about that for a moment.

Everything that has formed and shaped your physical being was contained in that one cell. The moment a sperm fertilizes an egg, the genetic makeup of the baby is complete. Everything required to form the heart, lungs, brain, etc., is contained within that single cell. All within a container that is only visible under a microscope.

And so it is with your soul. Genesis 1:26-27 describes God making man in Its image and (spiritual) likeness. The fullness of your divine nature has been known since before there was time, and it exists as your soul. As you consciously acknowledge your divine nature and recognize that you were fashioned in God’s image and likeness (and all that that entails), all things are possible to you (Matthew 19:26). In this understanding, you shed any beliefs in limitation because you know that nothing is impossible to divinity.


Mustard Seed Faith Is Not Blind Faith, It’s Understanding

Every seed has within it the potential to grow and flourish into the plant of its type – mustard seeds yield mustard plants, wildflower seeds yield wildflowers, acorns yield oak trees. Each seed simply needs the proper conditions to grow into the plant that is embedded within the seed.

A mustard seed knows its nature is to grow into a mustard plant. It doesn’t doubt that it will yield a full blown mustard plant; it doesn’t believe that it will turn into a frog. That is the faith of a mustard seed that we so often hear about, which is very different from blind faith. The mustard seed never doubts its nature, despite the appearance that it looks nothing like a mustard plant, that no mustard plant is visible within the seed.

With the right conditions of sunlight and water, it will demonstrate and make manifest its nature as the mustard plant.

Understanding the truth of who you really are provides the right conditions for you. When you think of yourself as person, you limit your true nature. The word person comes from the Latin “persona,” which means actor’s mask or character in a play.

Your personality is not your true nature. As you consciously understand that your nature is divine, only then can you operate with the authority of “these things and greater shall you do.”

So when we have faith “as a grain of mustard seed,” we don’t doubt our divine nature and our Oneness with all that is. And we know that all the Power there is is right where we are.

To the degree you consciously acknowledge your nature, adopt that mustard seed faith as your own, and consciously live your divinity, you open yourself up to new possibilities for your experience of life.

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