This prayer for love will anchor you in the awareness that like attracts like – it’s really that simple.  Because we reap what we sow, as we sow the seeds of love in our lives – becoming more loving towards those around us and being receptive to the Love that already indwells every cell of our bodies – we become magnets for more love in our everyday lives. We must make the first move. Recognize the love that is within you and share it with the world. You’ll be amazed at what you receive in return!

As always, this affirmative prayer is written and recorded in the first person so that you can make it your own as you read and listen to it.

Transcript of Prayer for Love

Prayer for LoveHow good it is to breathe in the breath of life that is the very breath of God, knowing that there is only One. One Life, one Power, one infinite, eternal Presence that is the source and substance of all Life everywhere. This Life is the All, in all. It is everything seen and everything unseen. It is everything known and It is everything unknown. It is every simple idea and every complex mystery. It is the Infinite Intelligence that creates worlds as easily as a grain of sand. It is the healing balm of Unconditional Love that is the very foundation of creation. It is unyielding Harmony and boundless Joy. And It is so much more.

As I know that there is not a spot where God is not, I know that this Life is the life of everything in creation. And It is my life. That one perfect Power, that one perfect Presence, that one perfect Life is living through and as creation; It is knowing Itself through and as creation, and It is now knowing itself through and as me, through and as my life. It is the allness and wholeness of my very being. It is the breath that breathes me, It is the heart that beats me, It is the mind that thinks me. The Allness of God, the Allness of Love, is right where I am.

So right here and right now, in this conscious awareness of this oneness, of this power, of this presence, I speak my word, declaring, claiming and accepting the allness of Love as the allness of my life. Knowing that this day Unconditional Love is guiding, guarding and directing my steps. That the perfection of this day has been known since the beginning of time, since before there even was time. So I call this day good and very good, blessed and very blessed, knowing that it is Love in action and expression in my life. Love is now guiding my way. Love is the torchlight for my perfect path. It is through Love that I see clearly the perfection of this path, always knowing exactly what to do, when and how to do it. So this day is Love. This day I am Love in action. I claim and I accept a perfect conscious recognition that I am Love in expression. Right here and right now, I turn away from any and all appearances of anything other than perfect Love in my life, knowing that they are nothing masquerading as something. There is no power to them, and through the power of my word they all now simply fade away from my consciousness. I surrender them all on the altar of Unconditional Love knowing that the power of Unconditional Love is now transmuting and transforming them into more and more Love, more and more Peace, more and more Joy, more and more Harmony in every area of my life. All experiences that would seem to contradict the power of Love now simply fade away in my experience through the power of my word, and Love takes a stand. Love within me is mighty. There is nothing that I cannot be or do or have in my life, so right here and right now I gratefully accept the power and presence of Love in my life. I am open and receptive to it. And it is in this space of receptivity that I allow more and more Love to enter my experience. I accept every perfect blessing that Love has for me this day, knowing that through the power of my word I am now accepting all of Love’s blessings with ease and under grace. And as I walk in Love, I radiate Love to all those around me. I am an irresistible magnet for Love in every area of my life and a powerful presence for Love on this planet. I am the Love of God in expression.

And I simply give great thanks for all of it. I give great thanks for this opportunity to pray. I give great thanks for all of the wonderful expressions of Love in my life, I give great thanks for the conscious recognition of the Love that I am. I give great thanks for the wisdom to follow Love’s guidance that I am continually receiving. Claiming and accepting that I have ears to hear and eyes to see Love’s guidance in all of Its perfect forms and the wisdom to follow it. I give great thanks for all of this and for so much more. And I release this word into the perfect action and activity of Divine Law knowing that it was done before it was spoken. I simply take my human hands off, I let go and let God. And so it is.


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