When life knocks you off center, use this affirmative prayer for peace to regain your balance and acknowledge the Presence of peace right where you are. As we ground ourselves in this Truth, it becomes easier to serve as a beacon of peace to those around us. As we shift, we create space for the world to shift with us. Are you ready?

As always, this prayer is written and recorded in the first person so that you can make it your own as you read and listen to it.

Transcript of Prayer for Peace

prayer for peace

How good it is to practice the Presence knowing that there is only One – one Life, one Power, one infinite, eternal Presence that is the Source and Substance of all life everywhere. It goes by many names and I choose to call it God, for God is the All in all. It is the Alpha and the Omega, It is the Creator and the created, It is the Giver and It is the gift that continually gives of Itself, to Itself, as Itself in the form of all of creation. It is the Unconditional Love that is the very foundation of Creation, It is the Peace that passes all human understanding. It is unyielding Harmony and boundless Joy. And it is so much more.

And I am one with this One. It is the allness and wholeness of my very being, for right where I am, the allness of God is. So I know and I know that I know that the allness of Love, the allness of Peace, the allness of Joy and Harmony are right where I am. Right here and right now I bask in this awareness, knowing that God is the breath that breathes me, It is the heart that beats me, It is the Mind that thinks me. And it is in this conscious awareness that I am the presence of Love and Peace and Joy and Harmony and so much more that I speak my word, declaring, claiming and accepting the Peace that passes all human understanding as my peace right here and right now. Knowing that the Love of God, the Peace of God, the Harmony of God is now present and is present in every moment of the eternal now in every grain of sand, every drop of water, every blade of grass, every leaf on every tree, and in every breath and every heartbeat throughout creation. I know that I can never be separate from this peace, this love, this harmony, this joy. And as I know this truth for me, I know this truth for the entirety of the earth – for every creature, every plant, every animal, every person, every drop of water, every clump of dirt. So right here and right now, I recognize that the veil that seems to separate anyone from this peace is now parted; that the Truth that is forever manifest is now acknowledged; that this Peace that dwells within, and is the very existence of, every cell of my body recognizes the Presence of peace, the Presence of love that dwells within everyone. So right here and right now, I surrender anything within me that would appear to block the perfect Presence of Peace that is always within and around me. And in this space of surrender I create a greater opening for more and more peace to be experienced and expressed in every area of my life. I know, and know that I know, that this peace is now enveloping everyone on this earth. That this knowing, this understanding, is really the Presence of Peace being peace through and as me. And I focus with a single-minded focus on the truth of God, the truth of Love, the truth of Peace as the only Reality – no matter what my eyes see, no matter what my ears hear, I abide in the Truth of Spirit as the only action, the only activity, the only Life that lives and gives of Itself through and as all of creation. I know that as I recognize the Presence of Peace in every area of my life that I become a greater beacon for peace in the lives of those around me and for the world.

And I simply give great thanks for it. I give great thanks for this opportunity to pray, I give great thanks for the truth of God in expression throughout creation, the truth of God in expression through and as every person, every plant, every animal, every grain of sand on the earth. I give great thanks for this conscious recognition that Peace is eternally present, and that this Presence is now making Itself known in my awareness and expressing Itself through my thoughts, my words and my actions. I give great thanks for all of this and for so much more. And I release this word into the perfect action and activity of Divine Law, knowing it was done before it was spoken. I simply take my human hands off, I let go and let God. And so it is.


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