As a perfect child of God, success is your birthright. This affirmative prayer for success was created to remind you that you are worthy of success simply because you exist. Opportunities for your good are everywhere. As you open your awareness to those opportunities, and allow yourself to be guided by the inner wisdom that is your Divine Counsel, your success is assured.

As always, this prayer is written and recorded in the first person so that you can make it your own as you read and listen to it.

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Transcript of Prayer for Success

Affirmative Prayer for SuccessThere is only One – one Life, one Power, one infinite, eternal Presence that is the Source and Substance of all life everywhere. It goes by many names and I choose to call It God; I choose to call it unconditional Love; I choose to call it perfect Peace and unyielding Harmony. It is the allness and wholeness of all that is, all that ever was, and all that ever will be.

And in this knowingness, I know that this Life is the Allness of my life. Right where I am, God is. I live and move and have by being in this one, perfect Presence. It is in this conscious awareness that I speak my word.

Today there are unlimited opportunities for intelligent action. Divine Mind has innumerable opportunities for me. I just discern and utilize the right ideas. I walk humbly with God, listen for the perfect Divine Counsel and allow It to guide my footsteps, knowing that the path It lays before me is a path of freedom and a path of success. I declare, I claim and I accept that all things are working together for my good. So I am open and receptive to good, good and more good in every area of my life. I bask in the boundless possibilities provided by my Divine Purpose. I am sustained by the Infinite, illumined by the one perfect Presence. And in this awareness I surrender all fear, knowing there is no real power to it. I surrender all imperfect apprehension of the Perfection that surrounds me. I claim and accept a perfect understanding of the Divine Presence that is my life. And as I complete this graceful surrender, I step more fully into the success that is mine by divine right. For I know that God is never too late, and always on time, to meet my every need.

Infinite potential lays dormant within me. I now call it forth into the fullness of my awareness and understanding. I say “awake” to that which appears to be asleep within me, so that the full glory of my life can be made manifest. Today I open my awareness to the Infinite. I surrender any sense of limitation, any sense of separation, anything within my awareness that would impede my full receptivity to my divinity, to the fullness of the presence of God operating as my experience. Today I remember that there is nothing Real opposed to the perfect action and activity of Love. So I know that Love reigns supreme as my experience. Divine Love is an ever-present help.

Today I stand in the awareness that there is nothing to fix, nothing to change. Divine perfection is forever revealing Itself as perfect Peace, unyielding Harmony, and everlasting Success in my experience. There is a continuity of Good in God’s kingdom, and I am a living witness to the perpetual idea of inexhaustible Good. I know that if God is for me then no thing can be against me. Since I know that God’s will is for my good, and that God is All in all, I know that my success is assured for my perfect place is established by God.

For this Truth I abide in great gratitude. I am so grateful for this opportunity to pray; I am so grateful for the omnipresence of Spirit that is now guiding my steps; I am so grateful for the success that is mine by divine right. I am so grateful for all of this and for so much more.

And I release this word into the perfect action and activity of Divine Law, knowing that it was done before it was spoken. I simply take my human hands off, I let go and let God. And so it is. Amen.



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