Freedom is your divine birthright, the very nature of your being. Any time you’re feeling stuck, this affirmative prayer of freedom will help you remember the Truth of who you are.

As always, this prayer is written and recorded in the first person so that you can make it your own as you read and listen to it.




Transcript of Prayer of Freedom

Prayer of FreedomHow good it is to breathe in the breath of Life that is the very breath of God, knowing that there is only One—one Life, one Power, one infinite, eternal Presence that is the Source and Substance of all life everywhere. It goes by many names and I choose to call it God, for God is the All of all. It is the Alpha and the Omega. It is every beginning without end. It is continually revealing more and more of Its infinite nature as everything we experience with our senses and It is beyond our senses. It is the unconditional Love that expresses as creation, supplying every possible human need; It is the infinite Intelligence that creates worlds by simply saying “Be” and it is. It is Principle—the divine Law of Being—that gives form and function to every divine idea. It is the illimitable omniaction of perfect, divine Harmony that keeps the planets spinning on their axes, that keeps the earth spinning around the sun and the moon spinning around the earth; that keeps the tides in perfect balance with the phases of the moon. It is all these things and so much more.

This Presence is the allness and onlyness of my being, for right where I am, God is. The very ground on which I stand is holy, for I am one with the One; a beloved of the Beloved; and I live and move and have my being as divine reflection—Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Truth, Love giving evidence of Itself. And it is in this conscious awareness of God as the All of all that I speak my word, declaring, claiming and accepting the onlyness of Good in every aspect of my life.

Right here and right now, I know that the desire for freedom is the call of irrestrictable Infinity to experience Its boundless infinitude. As I understand that the omniaction of Spirit is infinitely free, I recognize that the omnipresence of divine Love and infinite Truth constitutes my freedom. Divine Mind only knows Its perfect freedom, liberty, and sovereignty. As divine reflection, my nature is infinite, unrestricted, unrestrictable, boundless freedom.

In this moment, I cast aside any thought of limitation, knowing that the infinitude of Spirit cannot be constrained or restricted in any way. The nature of my Being is complete freedom, and I acknowledge that fact right here and right now. I now break any and all self-imposed chains of limitation.

Right here and right now I claim and accept my God-given dominion over everything which would appear to constrict, constrain, limit, obstruct, or curtail any aspect of the full freedom of my Being. I now claim and accept the eternal harmony that is mine by divine right, knowing that there is nothing real that can interfere with it. The divine idea of freedom remains eternally unfettered, and I am this idea in perfect expression. My freedom is whole, complete, and fully satisfying. It does not require any effort, toil, or labor to find or experience; it simply is, fully present and presencing now as every aspect of my experience of Life.

I realize I have always held the key to the doors to any self-created prisons, and I now set myself free with the acknowledgment that only Good is. There is no need to look outside of myself for that which is ever-present, for I am never abandoned. I am the very freedom which I seek. In this moment, I recognize and acknowledge that true freedom, divine freedom, is experienced as the complete acknowledgment of God, the allness of Good, that remains forever without opposite. With this freedom comes the perfect experience of peace and joy.

Knowing, acknowledging, and living the Truth of my Being is what constitutes my freedom, for Truth overcomes any and all apparent obstacles on my path. In this moment, I consciously acknowledge the Truth of my being that constitutes my freedom. Every single thing that constitutes my irrestrictable freedom is present and presencing now.

As God’s image and likeness, as divine reflection, I know that I can never be limited. Principle is not bound by precedent. Each moment is new and vibrant, exuding joy, peace, harmony, and perfect freedom.

In this moment, I embrace the allness of me, the wholeness of my divine nature, knowing that my wholeness excludes absolutely nothing. Everything required for the full experience of my complete freedom is present now; I lack for nothing. God is all there is, and there can be no thing outside of all. I now open my awareness to this fact, acknowledging it as the Truth of my being, for the Truth of my Being is what constitutes my freedom.

For this Truth of my being, I give great thanks. And so it is!


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