Moving through the kind of momentous change associated with selling a house can sometimes be stressful. This prayer to sell a house offers gentle reminders that all things are possible in God, and that there is no order of difficulty in Spirit — all things are equally easy. Use this prayer for selling a house to remain focused on this world of possibility that is awaiting your conscious recognition of it.



Transcript of Prayer to Sell a House

And how good it is to be in this space of gratitude, that space of knowing that the entirety of creation is now conspiring for my good; that God is the only thing happening anytime, anywhere, and that God is beyond space and beyond time. That there is only one Life that is the life of God, that is the Life of the entirety of creation, seen and unseen. That this Life moves through and as creation as a vibratory energy. That this energy vibration vibrates at different rates for each aspect of creation, and yet underlying all of it is this One thing, this one Power, this one Life, this one Essence that is all perfect, whole and complete.

Prayer to Sell a HouseAnd I know that I am one with this Life, this Power, this Essence; that It vibrates through and as every cell of my body. It is the Allness and Wholeness of all that I am. And it is in this conscious awareness of my oneness with this perfect Essence, with all of creation, that I declare, claim and accept – I just know and know that I know – that the entirety of creation is now working for my good. Because it is all one thing. I am part of, and one with, the allness of All that is. So right here and right now I turn away from any and all appearances of lack and limitation, of disharmony and dis-ease, knowing that it is all good, baptizing it as all good, claiming and accepting that every element of creation is now a golden link in the chain of my good. And that this good is now manifesting in perfectly perfect ways.

I claim and accept that this home is overflowing with radiant Love, perfect Peace, unyielding Harmony. I now offer this home to the perfect buyer in and with love, knowing that this home blesses and prospers all those who live here, and all those who walk through its doors. I bless this home knowing that it is now a perfect idea in the mind of God. As I knock, the door to my good is opened. I accept my good and I accept that the perfect buyer for this home is now irresistibly drawn to it. Right here and right now, I surrender any thoughts of lack and limitation, any thoughts or beliefs about opposition, any thoughts or beliefs that it’s hard or challenging or difficult to sell this property. I surrender all sense of struggle. I surrender all of that, knowing that in God there is only ease and grace, for there is no order of difficulty in Spirit. I declare, claim and accept that Infinite Intelligence already knows the perfect buyer and the perfect price for my home; that everyone associated with my home is now a channel for good and more good; that the sale process is now unfolding under grace, and that the transaction is completed with ease at the perfect price. I baptize the entire process a success!

And I simply give great thanks for all of it. I now surrender in perfect faith and trust that Divine Law is now responding to this word. So I take my human hands off, I let go and let God. And so it is.

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