Prayer for Wisdom

Prayer for Wisdom

Divine Wisdom is present wherever you are. As the very reflection of Infinite Intelligence, you can never be separate from the Wisdom that is the source of your being. This affirmative prayer for wisdom will help you remember that all you need is at-hand, that in each breath and every heartbeat there is a knowing of every perfect step for the unfoldment of infinity.

As always, this prayer is written and recorded in the first person so that you can make it your own as you read and listen to it.

Transcript of Prayer for Wisdom

Prayer for WisdomHow good it is to breathe in the breath of Life that is the very breath of God, knowing that there is only One. One Life, one Power, one infinite, eternal Presence that is the Source and Substance of all that is. There is no thing separate and apart from this One. It is the Allness and Wholeness of All that is. It is the heartbeat of Infinity reflecting as Eternity. It is continually expressing Itself through and as the entirety of creation; It is the action and activity of All of creation. There is no thing separate and apart from the Allness of God.

So I know, and know that I know, that It is right where I am. It is the very Presence of me. It is the very substance of my being. Everything I am, everything I see, hear and experience is God in action and expression. It is the breath that breathes me, It is the heart that beats me, It is the Mind that thinks me. It is the perfect Presence of Love that is reflected through and as my very Being, for I am Love’s reflection. It is the infinite Wisdom of every cell of my body that knows exactly how to fulfill the purpose for which it was made.

It is in this awareness that I speak my word. I know that there is no mind but Divine Mind at work in any area of my life. There is an Intelligence operating as my very being that guides my steps. Divine Wisdom reveals Itself as the necessity of my being, knowing that without me, without the perfect expression of Infinity as me, that Infinity would not be wholly expressed. This Wisdom is the nature of Being and, therefore, is the nature of my being. I am the very activity of Infinite Intelligence and Divine Wisdom. I am the manifestation of Omniscience. I am so much more than the reflection I see in the mirror. I am the very embodiment of Divine Mind, the Principle of creation. All the Wisdom there is, is right now. There is no thing to separate me from it, for It is the whole Truth of my being. As I live from the understanding that God is All, I know, and know that I know, that Wisdom is the fact of my Being. I am divine thinking in the flesh. All that I need is all that I AM. Wisdom is now revealing Itself as my thinking, my speaking, my actions. There is no thing separate and apart from the Wisdom that I Am.

I abide in appreciation for this awareness, for this knowing, for Divine Wisdom revealing Itself through and as me. And I release this word into the perfect action and activity of Divine Law, knowing that it was done before it was spoken. And so it is.

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