Are You Ready to Receive?


WaterfallsAre you prepared to receive what it is you’re asking for? You know, the Universe! Some call it God, others the Creator, Unconditional Love, Infinite Intelligence, Beauty, or some other name. And many of us go throughout our days asking the Universe to supply us with this good or that … (fill in the blank).

And yet very few of us spend any time doing the inner preparation required to receive what it is we’re asking for. How many of us are asking for a new job and carrying around anger and resentment at current or former employers and co-workers? Or asking for a new relationship while still carrying around the unhealed hurts of past relationships? Or asking for greater abundance while harboring feelings of unworthiness, or perhaps a belief that it’s not “spiritual” to desire abundance?

Asking for things we are not ready to receive typically results in one of a few scenarios. Sometimes what we’re asking for won’t show up until we are ready, after we’ve done the internal clearing to create space for the new to show up. Or it shows up before we’re ready and we do something to sabotage it or otherwise mess it up. And sometimes what shows up isn’t exactly what we’ve said we’re looking for, and is instead what we’re prepared to take on in the moment. All of these scenarios can be deeply unsatisfying. Please know that there is a better way.

How exactly does one go about getting ready, you ask? It’s all about taking the steps to create inner alignment with what we’re seeking to create externally in our lives. As they’re fond of saying in old cop shows, “we can do this the easy way or the hard way.” Personally, I’ve always preferred the easy way! The tools you’ll find at are designed with the easy path in mind. Not easy in that years of anger at your parents will instantly melt away when you use them (although that can happen as you use the tools regularly); easy in the sense that they’re simple tools – no advance degrees or other specialized training required.

The most brilliant thing of all is that they’re relatively easy to apply and incorporate into your life. Intellectual understanding isn’t sufficient. If you apply them, you’ll notice the impact. I can’t recall where I first heard the phrase “it works if you work it” –and it’s absolutely true! I’ve noticed that when I get away from my daily inner connection ritual, I feel off somehow. Things in my life generally don’t flow as smoothly. There’s more struggle involved to accomplish the things I need and want to do. I feel less inspired. I’m more irritable and allow myself to get annoyed more often. Not pretty. Does any of this resonate??

The beautiful thing about these tools is that you can determine for yourself whether they work or not. Virtually everyone I have worked with who has incorporated at least some of these tools into their lives with a dedicated, daily spiritual practice has noticed shifts occur. That’s because these practices help to create an opening within YOU, and when you create the space within more and more good can flow into your experience of life.


An Exercise: What Are You Thinking?

Shift happens! In a good way. Are you ready to start your engines? If so, start with this one simple exercise. Set eight (8) separate alarms on your phone or computer at random times of the day, each day, for one week with the following subject: “what are you thinking right now?” Each time the alarm goes off, write down what you are thinking about in that moment. Don’t judge, don’t edit, and definitely don’t snooze the alarm to give yourself time to come up with a “better” thought! Just notice. Write down your thoughts and note whether each thought was something you do want to bring into your life or whether it’s something you don’t want in your experience.

At the end of each day, jot down any other thought themes from the day as well as the number of desired thoughts and undesired thoughts. At the end of the week, tally up the percentage of thoughts focused on things you desire to bring into your life. Again, just notice, don’t judge.  This is not intended to be an excuse to beat yourself up if you believe the number is too low. It’s merely a tool to help you start noticing what you are thinking. Because when you notice, you can start to make subtle shifts in your thinking – both what you are thinking and how you are thinking about it. And small, subtle shifts, when added up over time, can result in dramatic changes in your life!

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