6 Simple Steps to Unleash Your Awesome

It can be really easy to forget our innate awesomeness. We get a case of the “shoulds,” try to force action from a place of fear, and feel stuck.

Great news…it doesn’t have to stay that way! In this short eBook, learn 6 steps to release what’s been holding you back so you can step back in to your power and get unstuck!

6 Simple Steps to Unleash Your Awesome eBook
Befriending Your Dragons Toolkit

Befriending Your DragonsSM Toolkit

I call our problems, and the associated emotions they bring up, our dragons. Most of the time we want to avoid our dragons like the plague. Because what we resist, persists, that tends not to be a great long-term strategy.

What if we’ve been thinking about our dragons all wrong? What if they’ve shown up to help us in some way? Wouldn’t you want to find out the gift they have in store for you?

That’s why it’s important to Befriend Your DragonsSM – to uncover their gifts. The Befriending Your DragonsSM Toolkit includes an eBook describing the process, a quick reference guide with 7 Questions for Your Dragons, and a guided meditation to help you get started.

Soul’s Whisper

Every answer you seek is within you. You just need to take time to listen, and act on, Soul’s Whisper.

Soul’s Whisper is a gentle reminder of the Truth of who you are. 

It’s time to let the whisper of Soul inspire your steps.

Soul's Whisper