The Game of Life and How to Play It by Florence Scovel Shinn

Florence Scovel Shinn was an American New Thought writer in the early part of the 20th century. She is best known for her first book – The Game of Life and How to Play It.

Originally published in 1925, The Game of Life and How to Play it is now a prosperity classic. The short volume is a wonderful primer that covers metaphysical concepts popularized by teachers such as Ernest Holmes, Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, Napoleon Hill, Jerry and Esther Hicks, and the movie The Secret.


Chapter Summaries

  • The Game – Life is a game that can be played successfully with the knowledge and practice of spiritual law – namely, “whatever man sends out in word or deed, will return to him.” The power of imagination is also critical, for what we imagine we ultimately create in our experience.
  • The Law of Prosperity – God is our supply and through our words and faith we can release that supply into our experience. The rest of the book explains how.
  • The Power of the Word – Our words combined with belief create our experience as they create expectancy in our subconscious mind, which carries out whatever we impress upon it.
  • The Law of Nonresistance – As we resist something, we simply give it more attention and, thus, more power. Ultimately, we create more of what we are resisting in our experience. Instead, if we can reframe perceived failures as successes in our consciousness, we will create success as a result.
  • The Law of Karma and the Law of Forgiveness – Through the Law of Karma, we reap what we sow. The Law of Forgiveness, or Grace, transcends the Law of Karma because it is more powerful.
  • Casting the Burden – As we cast our burdens of lack and limitation on the Divine (superconscious) Mind that dwells within each one of us, we free our subconscious minds to move forward in the direction we desire.
  • Love – “Love is God in manifestation, and the strongest magnetic force in the universe,” and as we work from a place of love we draw more good into our experience.
  • Intuition or Guidance – Intuition, or Divine guidance, is often how we receive the answers to our prayers. Pay attention to what your intuition guides you to do, and follow through on it!
  • Perfect Self Expression or the Divine Design – There already exists in Divine Mind the perfect idea for your life. Call it forth and yield to it.
  • Denials and Affirmations contains a series of denials and affirmations that readers can use.

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