Affirmations and Guided Meditation MP3 Bundle

Get over 3 hours of guided meditations and affirmations that will support you in acknowledging the Truth of who you are. This new MP3 bundle includes 11 different guided meditations and affirmations. Save over 57% vs the individual product price when you purchase this bundled set.

  • 101 Powerful I AM Affirmations MP3

  • Affirmations for Health and Healing MP3

  • Connect With Your Inner Guidance Meditation MP3

  • Finding the Blessing Guided Meditation MP3

  • The Garden of Your Soul: A Spiritual Guided Meditation (MP3)

  • Letting Go Meditation MP3

  • I Am Guided Meditation MP3

    Temporarily unavailable

  • Insights from the Akashic Records Guided Meditation MP3

  • Affirmations for Success and Abundance MP3

  • Positive Spiritual Affirmations MP3

  • Spiritual Affirmations for Abundance and Success MP3

This product is currently unavailable.
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