Affirmations and Guided Meditation MP3 Bundle


Get over 3 hours of guided meditations and affirmations that will support you in acknowledging the Truth of who you are. This new MP3 bundle includes 11 different guided meditations and affirmations. Save over 39% vs the individual product price when you purchase this bundled set.

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101 Powerful I AM Affirmations MP3

The power of I Am is always at work in your life – they are the two most important words in the English language because they radiate creative power. What we claim for ourselves with “I Am,” we create in our lives. In this MP3 you'll find 101 powerful I Am affirmations to help you anchor the Truth of your being.


Affirmations for Health and Healing MP3

There are over 100 positive affirmations for health and healing included in this 30+ minute audio. Each one is designed to remind you that Health is the Reality of your being. As you open your awareness to this spiritual truth, you can demonstrate it in your experience.


Connect With Your Inner Guidance Meditation MP3

This guided meditation was created to help you consciously connect with your inner wisdom – Infinite Intelligence that operates through and as you – to receive inspiration and guidance for your day.


Finding the Blessing Guided Meditation MP3

This guided meditation was created to help you discover the blessings in the challenges that show up in your experience of life.

I believe that everything that shows up in our lives does so with a gift in-hand. It’s up to us to unwrap it. So use this guided meditation any time you are ready to surrender a challenge and find the blessing in it instead.


The Garden of Your Soul: A Spiritual Guided Meditation (MP3)

Ready to plant new seeds of Good? Demolish your wall of limitation and enter the Garden of Your Soul with this powerful spiritual guided meditation. You'll find a secret garden of Good that awaits you behind the wall of limiting beliefs you've built up over the years. After you release those limiting beliefs and tear down that wall of limitation, take some time to bask in the beauty of your garden.


Letting Go Meditation MP3

This guided meditation for letting go will help you surrender and release conditions and experiences in your life that are no longer serving you. It's a wonderful process to help you let go of the limiting beliefs you've been holding on to and immerse yourself in the transformative power of Unconditional Love.


I Am Guided Meditation MP3

Let the words from Paul Foster Case’s Meditation on Aleph expand your understanding of what Oneness really means and open your awareness to the I Am presence that you are. This meditation comes from Case’s The Book of Tokens, which contains a series of meditations on the Allness of God.

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Insights from the Akashic Records Guided Meditation MP3

All of your thoughts, deeds, actions and interactions throughout eternity are recorded in the Akashic Records, or Book of Life. In this guided meditation, access information from the Akashic Records to help you address a current challenge in your life. Simply decide what situation in your life that you'd like additional insights about and get started. The Akashic Records contain all the information you need.


Affirmations for Success and Abundance MP3

Shift your thoughts and belief systems about money, success and abundance on every level by setting a strong intention to create change and listening to these positive affirmations regularly. Included are 101 affirmations for success and abundance set to soothing music with binaural beats. As you listen to these positive success and abundance affirmations daily, you will literally begin to re-wire your brain with new thought patterns of wealth and prosperity of all kinds that open you up to new possibilities for living an abundant life.


Positive Spiritual Affirmations MP3

Looking for spiritual pick-me-up? These spiritual affirmations nourish the mind and soul with positive reminders of the nearness of Spirit. As you work with these affirmations regularly, you’ll strengthen your spiritual muscles, shift your thinking, and realign your beliefs.


Spiritual Affirmations for Abundance and Success MP3

As a spiritual being, abundance is your divine birthright. If you've temporarily forgotten this, I invite you to step into the Truth of your being with these spiritual affirmations for abundance and success.There is a supply for every demand, and when you consciously remember that "it is the Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom," you tap into your true power to create a meaningful transformation in your experience of success and abundance.

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