Affirmative Prayer MP3 Bundle

$19.98 $13.95

The affirmative prayer MP3 bundle includes 10 different prayers including prayers for healing, freedom, love, success, and peace. Each prayer was recorded in the first person so that you can make it your own as you listen. Save 30% vs the individual product price when you purchase this bundled set.

  • Healing Prayer MP3

    Perfect wholeness is right where you are. Use this healing prayer when you're ready to bring that Truth into your conscious awareness.

  • Abundance Prayer MP3

    The ever-present abundance of creation simply awaits your recognition of it. This affirmative prayer for abundance helps you step into this awareness so that you can manifest it in your experience.

  • Surrender Prayer MP3

    When you're ready to "let go and let God" and surrender to the Good that is already yours, this prayer is for you.

  • Prayer for a Good Day MP3

    Are you ready to step into the limitless possibility for good that each day brings? This affirmative prayer for a good day will help you anchor that intention.

  • Prayer for Love MP3

    If you're ready to sow more seeds of love, this affirmative prayer for love will help you be more receptive to the Love that already dwells within you so you can share it with the world around you.

  • Prayer for Peace MP3

    This affirmative prayer for peace will help you regain your balance and acknowledge the Presence of peace right where you are.

  • Prayer for Guidance MP3

    Divine guidance is forever available to us if we simply take the time to open ourselves up to it. This affirmative prayer for guidance will help you remember that there is a solution to every appearance of "problem," we just need ears to hear this guidance as it appears, along with the wisdom to follow it.

  • Prayer for Success MP3

    As a perfect child of God, success is your birthright. This affirmative prayer for success was created to remind you that you are worthy of success simply because you exist. As you open your awareness to the ever-present opportunities for good that surround you, and allow yourself to be guided by the inner wisdom that is your Divine Counsel, your success is assured.

  • Affirmative Prayer for Wisdom MP3

    Divine Wisdom is present wherever you are. As the very reflection of Infinite Intelligence, you can never be separate from the Wisdom that is the source of your being. This affirmative prayer for wisdom will help you remember that all you need is at-hand, that within each breath and every heartbeat there is a knowing of every perfect step for the unfoldment of infinity.

  • Prayer of Freedom MP3

    Freedom is the very nature of your being, your divine birthright. This affirmative prayer of freedom was created to help you remember the Truth of who you are. Have a listen any time you’re feeling stuck or limited in any way.

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