Soul Is Calling You To More...Are You Listening?

You know that idea that keeps popping into your head? The one that you can’t seem to shake or set aside? It excites you and terrifies you at the same time. Excites you because it almost feels like a calling, something you’re meant to do. And terrifies you for the exact same reason. Because it’s BIG and, well, what if you don’t know enough to pull it off? What if you fail, get it wrong, or lose friends in the process? Or, perhaps worse, what if you actually succeed? Will your life be totally upended?

Here’s the thing…this idea is at the very core of who you are. Soul is whispering it to you, nudging you forward, letting you know that you already have everything you need to bring it to life. It wouldn’t keep showing up otherwise.

Those gifts that are uniquely yours can only be revealed and expressed through the evolution of this idea that is waiting for you to acknowledge and live into it. Yeah, it's that big!

Every answer you seek is within you. You just need to take time to listen, and act on, Soul’s Whisper.

Isn't it finally time to be a SoulologerSM, someone who is actively listening to the whispers and wisdom of Soul? That is the heart of what I call SoulologieSM, or exploring Soul's wisdom.

Download Soul’s Whisper, a fun reminder that the only thing needed to get the ball rolling on this idea that won’t leave you alone is your willingness. Print it out and place it where you’ll see it each day. And let the whisper of Soul inspire your steps.

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Suzanne Rice

Beautiful, beautiful and powerful prayers and meditations. Thanks you.