July 10, 2014

Time For a New Story? Forgiveness As a Path From Victim Consciousness

When I was a baby, my mother was in the midst of her residency. Managing the competing needs of a demanding career and a newborn proved to be too much and at the age of 6 months my father took me to Pakistan to live with my paternal grandparents. I was there for about 14 months. I don't have any recollection of that time, other than the things my family has told me. And that didn't stop me from making up a really great story about my experience.
March 6, 2014

Are You Ready to Receive?

Are you prepared to receive what it is you're asking for? You know, the Universe! Some call it God, others the Creator, Unconditional Love, Infinite Intelligence, Beauty, or some other name. And many of us go throughout our days asking the Universe to supply us with this good or that ... (fill in the blank). And yet very few of us spend any time doing the inner preparation required to receive what it is we're asking for.