Why Work With a Spiritual Practitioner?

If a challenge has you feeling stuck and unfulfilled…

if life just doesn’t feel like it’s working the way you know, in your heart of hearts, that it should…

if you’re ready for more inspiration and greater meaning…

if you’re ready for a shift in your experience…

then it’s time to consider working with a spiritual practitioner.

People work with spiritual practitioners when they’re in pain, experiencing a challenge, or when they need spiritual guidance and direction. Challenges can include physical illness, relationship difficulties, career or financial problems, and emotional issues.

When combined with spiritual understanding, the power of prayer can create significant shifts in your experience of life – a greater sense of well-being, peace, and harmony – no matter what things currently look like.

This work is non-denominational in nature. I work with clients of various faiths and spiritual paths, as well as those with no faith tradition. It is entirely based on an understanding of divine harmony and an awareness that all things are possible with God.

Find Peace, Balance, and Harmony by Working With a Spiritual Practitioner
In my prayer work for clients, I don’t pray for, or outline, a specific outcome. Rather, I stand in the awareness and understanding of ever-present divine harmony in their lives. I might share inspiring thoughts or short readings to help you deepen your own understanding of spiritual truths. It is this understanding that enables a shift in your experience. As you open up to new ideas and greater spiritual understanding, your perspective of life can’t help but shift.

Sometimes, in the course of my work, I glean intuitive insights that help clients create the shift they’re seeking. For example, in my work with one woman, over the course of several weeks I had an intuitive knowing that her pH was out of balance. This insight was unrelated to the work we had been focusing on. When she investigated after I first suggested that she look into it, she confirmed that her pH was acidic. So she took some temporary steps to address it.

A few weeks later, I received multiple, insistent “hits” one morning that her pH was out of whack. When I shared this information, she was resistant. She had been experiencing severe hot flashes and wanted to focus on resolving those before looking into the pH issue I was intuiting. Given the strong knowing I had, I gently pushed back that I was discerning the issues were related. I later did a quick web search and found some articles discussing the correlation between low pH and hot flashes, which I shared. Only then did she start a remedy to bring her pH to more neutral territory. And, sure enough, the hot flashes subsided.

Imagine an uncluttered life, where
  • you’re unencumbered by the limiting thoughts, beliefs, and challenges that have held you back in the past,
  • the wisdom of Soul can shine and thrive,
  • you’re open and receptive to new possibilities,
  • inspiration guides your path,
  • you manifest your full potential.

Discover new ways of being, of moving through the world, of experiencing life. Learn to listen to the language of Soul. Feel a profound sense of inner peace. Close the gap between who you think you are and who you really are. Those are just some of the benefits of working with a spiritual practitioner.

"Our false views of life hide eternal harmony, and produce the ills of which we complain." ~Mary Baker Eddy

There Is A Solution For Every Appearance of Problem

There must be a solution for every appearance of problem. If there wasn’t, Infinity would remain incomplete and would be less than infinite — an impossibility! Further, that solution must show up in a way that you can understand and recognize as a solution.


How It Works

Depending on the nature of the situation you’re requesting support for, my work with you can run as long as you choose. My only ask is a very quick (~5 minutes) check-in each day that I am doing this work on your behalf. We can do this by phone, text, or email. This brief conversation is distinct from an extended consultation or coaching session. Pay only if you receive the help you requested. Extended consultations by phone or internet are $75 per half-hour.

Contact me if you are interested in learning more about working with me as a spiritual practitioner.

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