There is only One Mind

As you read the headlines these days, it’s easy to think there are minds many out there in the world – Democrats and Republicans, progressives and conservatives, protesters and police and politicians, coronavirus and humans, and more.

The Reality is, there’s only one infinite Mind. Whole, perfect, complete. Without any parts. It cannot be divided into factions. Mind can never be less than All and Only. It has no opposites, and is perpetually Self-aware of Its own infinitude.

As we head into the 4th of July holiday weekend here in the U.S., the idea of freedom is top of mind. Metaphysically speaking, true freedom is never freedom from – that would imply duality, minds many. True freedom is liberty, and this liberty is experienced as the understanding that only God is

From that awareness and understanding, there is nothing to contend with, nothing to confront, nothing to control, nothing to eliminate “in order to be free.”

Living as the awareness that only God is, is the only true path to freedom.

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