These certainly are fascinating times, indeed. And many are asking the question “why does the world look the way it does?” As I’ve been doing my own work related to the events of the past 10 days, the verse from Habakkuk 1:13 has repeatedly popped into my head. In case you’re unfamiliar with it:

Thou art of purer eyes than to behold evil, and canst not look on iniquity

It’s impossible for God/Good/Mind/Spirit/the Universe/Infinity to know anything outside of Its infinitely perfect nature. That nature is Whole, Complete, Harmonious, Fulfilled, and eternally Satisfied. Because it is All, there can be nothing separate and apart from Its perfection. That is precisely why It cannot behold evil or look on iniquity. There’s no such thing.

I can hear some saying “So, if God is All, and it’s all supposed to be perfect, why does the world look the way it does? Why does everything feel so chaotic? Why does there seem to be so much injustice in the world? I don’t see anything that looks harmonious or satisfying these days!”

A consistent theme in my writings and videos this year has been this: your world is constantly giving you evidence of your beliefs about it. So, if I’m operating with a conscious or unconscious belief that life is somehow difficult, unsatisfying, filled with conflict and injustice – anything but perfect – I will continually be presented with evidence to that effect.

Why? Because I am denying my divinity, my infinite, divine nature. I’m believing that there’s something separate and apart from Good. Instead of consciously living God is All there is as a spiritual Fact, I’m stuck in dualistic thinking. And my perception of all of the apparent wrongs in my world are simply a symptom of that, not a cause.

My beliefs and opinions about anything don’t change the spiritual Fact of Perfection, they simply inform how I see it.

We’re getting continual, real-time feedback about our perceptions of God and man – the manifestation of Mind. If I believe there’s such a thing as justice, based on whatever I decide my definition of justice is, then I’ve got to have injustice so that I can experience how I’ve defined justice.

If I’ve got oppression as part of my conceptual worldview, then I’ve got to have oppressors and oppressed, victims and victimizers to give identity to that sense of oppression.

If I decide that my well-being is dependent on the government or some other external authority taking care of me, protecting me, then I’m setting myself up for disappointment and worse. Because in that dependence I’m denying my own divine authority.

If the starting point of your worldview is that something is missing, that some aspect of your world is less than Whole, Perfect, Complete, Harmonious, then you will regularly be confronted with evidence to support that view. And that evidence is never the Fact of you. It’s simply the best way you can experience the Facts in light of the beliefs, opinions, and perceptions that color your world.

The spiritual Facts can never be mere platitudes, nice sounding words and phrases that become meaningless with mindless repetition. They actually have to be consciously acknowledged and lived. What does it mean that God is All, Whole, Perfect, Complete, Harmonious, Satisfied? And what does that mean about you? And everyone and everything on your world?

Life will continually present you with evidence of your beliefs about it as your wake-up call to the Fact of who you are—the infinitely individualized evidence of the infinitude of Life. Individual means indivisible whole. That’s why I prefer to use that word rather than person, which has its root in the Latin for a character in a play or an actor’s mask.

The call of this moment is to give up your role as a limited being, to set aside the mask of limitation, of lack, of anything less than the Wholeness and Perfection that sources and constitutes your being. The demand of your infinite, divine Being is to re-cognize the Truth of who you are.

As I said during my WTFluff Coronavirus webinar a few months back, let’s not waste a good crisis! Whenever you notice yourself feeling anxious, worried, or fearful about the apparent state of our world, that should be your indicator that you’ve put Infinity in a box. And that’s when it’s time to begin exploring exactly how you’ve done that. You’ll never find the answer to whatever seems to ail you “out there.”

The need of the moment is a relentless focus on the spiritual Facts. And if you are inspired to take action, start from that awareness and explore what comes up to do. As I discussed in last week’s Tribe News, your starting point makes all the difference.


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